Video shooting in Thailand

   In Thailand I also shoot video in addition to the photos (but I don’t do the both things at the same time because shooting photo and video requires a completely different approach and the set of equipment).

   The most important aspect of my work with video is technique of multiple-camera setup:  several cameras are employed on the set and simultaneously record a scene. I use 2-4 cameras at the same time (Canon: R5, 5Dmk4, 5Dmk2, EOS M5) to provide all the necessary material from one take and guaranty that nothing was missed during the recording process. A nice bonus for my clients is the fact of receiving not only dynamically mounted high quality video, but a full video that was filmed from different angles at the same time.

   I do shootings as it is customary in the film industry - using stabilization system, rigs, tripods, external microphones, external lighting and so on.  I also provide an opportunity to make a professional video shooting from the air.

   I do not work alone - assistants always help me (in Thailand in a constant state I have four of them). Harmonious teem-work and cooperation helps to achieve studious quality with a shooting speed of a single reporter.

   I always have preliminary meeting with clients and offer free consultation as a part of our future cooperation. Careful planning of shooting and attention to the details - that's what always distinguishes the professional from the amateur.

Video shooting process/Final result
Here you can take a look at samples of my video:
Sample of full wedding video from 2 hours work including aerial shooting (at 720p)
Sample of full wedding video from 4 hours of shooting. European + buddhist ceremonies (at 720p)
Sample of beach wedding video at sunset from 1 hour of shooting (at 720p)
Sample of wedding video at hotel beach from 1 hour of shooting (at 720p)
Sample of wedding show video at the evening from 2 hours of shooting (at 720p)
Sample of wedding SlideShow, representing all wedding works from 2011-2013