White-rumped Shama Male
Green Iguana
Sand Tiger Shark
Example of exterior shooting (private villa)
Advertising photoshooting for ES Collection  
African Darter AKA Snakebird
Young monks help elder to collect offering of parishioners during Pha That Luang Festival, Pha That Luang, Vientiane, Laos.
Indian Elefant
White Party Bangkok 2020
Yellow Stingray
Example of exterior shooting (private villa)
Sumatran Serow
Crab-eating Makaque Male
Macaque childgarden (Crab-eating macaques)
gCircuit 2019
Pattaya bay, Thailand.
Lesser Mouse-deer AKA Kanchil AKA Lesser Malay Chevrotain, Female
From project "Fighting club"
gCircuit 2019